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Our history

Having a 4+ year-old presence in the home security and automation Services, Cyborg is global brand trusted by millions. With over 1 million customers and end users for our products, and having sold more than 2 million CCTV Cameras, we take pride in working towards our motto of “Securing Your World”.

As a principal OEM, Cyborg offers the latest technology and products in the home security and automation domain. We offer tailor-made solutions across industries and are now a 300+ strong team of professionals with direct presence in Europe, North America, Middle-East and Asia, which helps us cater to over 30 countries worldwide. We have incorporated the latest in technology across our businesses which help us meet the cause of TQM – Total Quality Management.

Cyborg had diversified into the Automation domain in the year 2010 and offer complete Automation solutions for all kinds of small, medium and large organizations. With our vast experience, in-house R&D team and technical know-how, we are fully equipped and capable of providing world-class solutions, customized according to the needs of our clients.

Customer focus has always been our prime concern which has led us to reach tremendous level of growth over the years and helping us develop a 1500+ channel partner network globally, with full commitment towards highest quality security products, dedicated support and customer satisfaction. With a never-ending urge for growth, we strive to keep on improving and adapting ourselves to further speed up our growth within the security, surveillance and IT domain. Through continuous commitment towards customer satisfaction, our aggressive growth chart aims to spread our reach in over 100 countries by the turn of this decade.

Our vision

To become a trusted brand in the global security industry, nurturing in our customers and communities an eternal sense of loyalty towards our products and services.


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Our Achievements

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